digitalYou is a full-service online fundraising and marketing development organization.  To follow are just some of the many services that you can contract for. Most services are offered in convenient packages that can be tailored for your needs.  Packages are set up with pricing for a day or half day each week.  The day that you choose is scheduled entirely for your company’s needs.  This means that, on your designated day or half day, you can be assured that 100% of your account manager’s time will be dedicated to your projects and priorities.  Schedule meetings, phone calls, and emails with confidence that you are the priority.

Some of the services you might want to consider for your package:

brand cohesion

Brand cohesion is a critical component of moving forward with a more professional image. The goal is to have people see something you’ve created, whether it’s print, an event, your facility, your social presence, emails and web and know, without even seeing your logo, that this is you.  Think about Apple.  They have a variety of different brands and platforms yet, when you look at anything of theirs, you have no doubt that it is theirs.  The elements that come together for this brand recognition are the same things we can look at for yours.

The development of brand guidelines is critical to the importance of having a cohesive message.  However, brand cohesion is not simply an edict or set of guidelines handed down from above (or from an outside consultancy firm).  This is a company-wide initiative that necessitates finding the excitement about your brand or mission from all levels of your organization. Every employee, volunteer, and donor is a voice for your organization, even on their off-time. Make sure that voice is one of enthusiasm, of truth, of transparency and is uniquely still your voice.

We can coordinate with you to start the conversation with a customized survey and then follow up with targeted meetings with key team members in each department.

content strategy

Content strategy is the process within which you will determine who your audience is for each platform.

Web Site: We will look at your current analytics to see what potions of your site are most accessed.  This will inform decisions on what parts of the site to continue to build out and what portions are not of interest to your current user base. While digitalYou is not an SEO (search engine optimization) agency, we can do is help you with some of the more core SEO tenets that will help your existing content be more search engine friendly.

Email Marketing: We can look at your current mailing list and analyze whatever data you currently have to form a donor profile for your digital outreach.  This may be different than a profile you have created for direct mail outreach.  The demographic for people who donate through regular mail versus online is decidedly different. Having a solid donor profile will inform decisions on the types of graphics and content that will appeal to your online donors.

Social Media Outreach:  Most social medial platforms have solid data for who the users are that are looking at your information. Analyzing the types of posts that perform well for your organization as well as for similar organizations will drive decisions on the types of posts you will make in social media.

web development and improvement

Most organizations have realized the importance of having a web presence.  As a part of the initial analysis of your online assets, digitalYou will provide you with recommendations ranging from how to enhance your existing site to suggestions for web vendors that can bring your online presence  and fundraising potential to the next level.  digitalYou can provide a range of html, graphic production and update services to help get your site up to speed, while making plans for your next steps.

social media and community management

Social Media is here to stay.  While the key players may change over time, the fact remains that social media provides a point of connection and communication that is not possible through most other, more traditional, means.  digitalYou can help with set up, data analysis and graphic preparation.  Initial consultations will help you answer the following questions you might have:

  • who is my target demographic?
  • which platforms should I start on?
  • what is my social “voice” and how do I use it?
  • how often should I post?
  • should I use a post scheduler?
  • is there any ROI to social media?
  • what do I do if someone posts something negative about me?
  • how do I take the steps to have a dialog?
  • how do I prepare for conflict resolution?
  • how should this fit into my overall communications plan?

email marketing

Email marketing is quickly replacing conventional direct mail marketing as a preferred method of outreach.  While direct mail marketing still has a place  as there is a small demographic still uncomfortable with online giving, younger donors will not tolerate a program that does not allow for the modern donation age.  Email marketing is less expensive to manage and more timely for immediate needs.  digitalYou will help you determine frequency, messaging, list cultivation, and a/b testing parameters as well as helping to create a brand cohesive look to your message.

online fundraising

Online fundraising can encompass many facets of your fundraising program from how you collect donations online, to creation and management of a monthly giving program, to specialized online contests and fundraisers.  Expensive fundraisers are not necessary to get your online program off the ground.  With a specific eye towards being a good steward of your dollars, digitalYou can offer solutions that will cost little to nothing in set up costs, giving you impressive ROI (Return On Investment) from the beginning.

graphics preparation

An important part of your brand is an integrated graphics presence. digitalYou can help you determine what types of photos and graphics are appropriate for your industry and your varied outreach program. While website, social, email and fundraising initiatives can have unique branding, the look and feel of your company should remain cohesive.  digitalYou can work with you both to provide some of these digital assets, as well as to create a comprehensive brand guideline so that all members of your team are on the same page moving forward.

digitalYou can also work as a temporary extension of your existing development department. Are you setting up for an upcoming adoption event, fundraising push or event?  digitalYou can set aside our management and marketing consulting cap, roll up our virtual sleeves and help you dive into your graphics project.  Of note, one of the projects we most enjoyed was helping out with a multi-state animal rescue/transportation effort where photographers at the site took photos of the rescued animals and emailed them to us, where we quickly turned them into shareable, branded “posters” that could be used the very next day to mark kennels for adoption events as well as create viral excitement on Facebook.

editorial calendar establishment

An editorial calendar is a key tool for tying all the above communications processes together.  This is a living document that you can use to align print, event and online communications along brand, theme or seasonal guidelines. If your organization does not have one, you are doing far more work each year than you need to in order to pull together your outreach. digitalYou can help you determine the depth of your calendar and set in place a work-flow that will enable your team to communicate more effectively with one another and to share resources where that makes sense.