Teaching Hikes

Fungi on a tree found on a local hikeIf you’re as avid of a hiker as I am, I understand how much you want to share the beauty you experience with everyone.  I love sharing a photo that truly shows the diversity of a favorite hike and knowing that I took it myself. This is why I’ve started offering PNW Photographic Teaching Hikes as a part of my photographic pallet.

I want you to be able to have that same feeling of pride. 

Do you want tips for

  •           how to better use your own camera,
  •           using your phone to get great shots,
  •           how to compose a shot so that it truly showcases the beauty,
  •           how to crop or optimize your photos in the least amount of time after you are done with your hike?

I can help you.  My specialty is macro and close up photography and I will encourage you to explore this style.  

Choose your favorite hike within 25 miles of Monroe, Wa, and I can be commissioned to hike with you on a teaching journey of between 2 and 4 hours.  Don’t have a favorite hike yet?  I can work with you to find the perfect one for your abilities.  Not really a hiker?  Paved botanical gardens are also a great option.

Prior to the hike, we’ll email to get a sense of your level of knowledge,  your goals for the day, and specifics about your equipment.  

On the day, we will start at the trail head with a brief equipment check and overview of some of the ways we will be looking at the hike.  

Photographer waiting patiently for the right shotThe hike that day is truly your hike.  No two hikes or lessons are the same. Because these hikes are one on one, they are customized for you based on what you want to get out of it, the weather, the time of year, the equipment you have, your frame of mind on that day…  Hikes are generally one on one, although you are welcome to bring a friend of similar abilities if you don’t mind splitting the personalized guidance. 


My promise is that you will finish the hike with a better understanding of how to capture the photos you want with the equipment you have. 

My hope is that you’ll emerge with a photo that you took that you want to print and frame, or a set of photos that you will be excited to show off to your friends on social media. 

Contact me to discuss your goals for your personal photography and how a PNW photographic teaching hike can get you there.


One person – 2 hour minimum – $200.  Each additional hour $50.

Two people – 2 hour minimum $300.  Each additional hour $50.

Contact me to discuss larger groups.