Commissioned Photography

If you are in Snohomish County, Washington (or neighboring counties), Kim Gorga can be commissioned for your photography needs.  Kim specializes in macro and pet photography.

  • Are you an avid gardener who wants unique macro photos of your outside world to display inside your home or in your social media feed?  Through a combination of macro vision and varied unique angles of view, you will see your garden in a way you never before imagined. Idea: Think about your favorite color or season and ask to stage a shoot around those themes.
  • Are you a small farm that would love to have some professional photos to show the diversity of produce and livestock around your farm? Kim can provide a unique and up-close view that will set you apart from your competition.  Use the photos in your marketing, in framed pictures in your storefronts, in your social media promotions.
  • Are you a hiker with a favorite trail that you wish you had photo memories of?  Idea: Sometimes it’s even fun to show a single spot through multiple seasons. Kim is a huge fan of getting out into nature and can be commissioned to join you for a photo journey on your favorite Pacific Northwest trails.  Along the way, she’s happy to share photo tips and tricks for your future hikes.
  • Of course you love your pets – the quirky lope as your pup runs through your back yard, the lazy paw drape as your cat lounges across the top of the sofa, the silly face your horse makes as she slaps her lips together to get your attention or the endearing flop as your chickens begin their dust bath!  Kim loves to meet animals of all kinds and can create a photo memory of your pet in your own yard or home.  If your pet is up for a road trip, Kim’s farmstead in Monroe, Washington, can also be used as a varied backdrop for farm, lush green, cabin or wooded shots.

Take a peek at the galleries to begin envisioning your special locations through Kim’s eyes.


Rates are $60/hour with a 2 hour minimum.

You will receive a disk or flash drive with social media/web ready versions of all photos taken. Typically you will receive between 20 and 30 photos.

Time spent editing photos beyond simple color corrections or blemish removal can be commissioned at $60/hour.

Ideas for your photos:

  • creation of custom note cards
  • creation of a custom calendar
  • adding text for digital use
  • creation of social media header images
  • creation of social media memes

Travel time beyond 30 minutes from Monroe, WA may be billed at $40/hour.  Idea: book back to back with a local friend and split the travel costs.

Prints can be ordered from any of the images provided.  See Kim for prices and options.

Contact Kim to discuss your photography project.

Photo Challenge on Instagram

Are you an aspiring photographer?  Kim runs a weekly photo challenge on Instagram to help you hone your skills.  She credits the availability of photo challenges for pushing her to get out every day and to see the world beyond the ordinary.

It doesn’t matter whether you use a phone or camera – the challenge is personal and isn’t about technical expertise.  It’s about honing your vision. Participate in the community, submit photos using #dy_challenge, ask questions, show the love to other participants.  Social media should be social!

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Follow Kim on Facebook to see the dogs she walks at Homeward Pet Animal Shelter and the horses she handles at Scooter’s Place. She provides these photos to these organizations  for their free use. She also posts a variety of photos from around her farmstead.  Most photos on this account are taken with her phone and not for professional use. While she does not accept friend requests from people she does not know, you can click the “follow" button in her cover photo to see all public posts.

All photos are the property of Kim Gorga and she retains all copyrights. Do not download or use them without permission or license.

Follow digitalYou Photography on Instagram for weekly challenges, inspiring quotes, helpful tips and a sampling of Kim’s photos.

Stock Photography

Not interested in commissioned work?  Kim has stock photos for sale on DreamstimeShutterstock, and Adobe Stock, as well as free photos for download on Unsplash.

Don’t see what you want in these sites?  With thousands of photos under her belt, there is a chance that she has already photographed what you are looking for.   It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.