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Social Media Basics

A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

Social Media Platforms You’re a new organization and know that you need to be on Social Media but which platform do you choose? digitalYou recommends choosing fewer platforms and providing a better focus rather than spreading your resources too thin…
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Is there such thing as B2B on social media?

I recently sat in a meeting with a potential client, the CEO of a local B2B organization. He was adamant that I understand that his company was B2B and that the social media strategy needed to target only the executives of…
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Interactional Posts for Animal Trainers

I met with a wonderful group of positive reinforcement trainers at Whole Dog Training Academy last night to discuss methods for using social media to market their services. Additionally, they discussed creating a united resource for positive reinforcement training methods.  A more upbeat,…
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Don’t fall for the numbers game

Don't fall for the numbers game

You will be pitched today and most days by an agency that will tell you that they can get you x number of followers in x number of days. They probably can. Don’t fall for it! I’ve just spent hours fixing…
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It really has nothing to do with you!

Why does someone share or retweet something your company has posted on social media? Usually you’ll get a share because something that you have posted is a message that they want their friends to know about them. Read that again. Your post is…
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